Tuan Le is a designer, artist, and teacher.

His design integrates landscape elements with the natural environment. With a background in multiple art forms, his vision relies on his experience with sketching, watercolor, and collage. He evolves function and form into architecture, program, and budget.

Residential design focuses on the courtyard as the heart of his structures. This is the gathering place where light, air, and nature are graciously integrated. The courtyard inspires creativity, contemplation, and comfort, a place which augments and informs the human experience.

As a teacher, he challenges his students to embrace nature, art, and poetry in their conceptualization of public and private courtyards. Tuan received Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. He has taught architecture at the University and its extension program. He is a frequent visiting critic at other institutions. He established his practice in 2010.